Guide in Florence (Italy)

Tourist guide in Florence and it's surroundings

Ruta Abaraviciute


Guided walking tours, visits to all museums, galleries and churches.   

I also organize one-day trips for small groups to other tuscan cities such as Pisa, Siena, Certaldo and San Giminiano.

You can also experience wine tasting, cooking classes and shopping in artisan workshops in Florence and designer's outlets outside the city.

About me

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 Florence and Tuscany are charming places which attract many visitors every year. If the human and nature's perfection exist, here they almost gain their ideal.

Florence is... the glaring marble churches, narrow medieval streets of the down-town, the Renaissance spirit of humanism in the sculptures and paintings in the Uffizi Gallery, the treasures of Medici dynasty in Pitti Palace, the irresistible aroma of espresso coffee in the morning and a happy chat of the people dining with the Chianti wine and the bistecca fiorentina steak while the sunset colors ignite the Arno river. 

My tours include what's world famous but also what's usually rarely seen, often missed but more than worth visiting. You will be also able to discover the secrets of Florentine goldsmiths, painters, tailors, leather and mosaic craftsmen who will welcome us into their workshops, and explain the methods they use in making their precious products. You could bring to your home an object which is made today, but still continues the medieval and renaissance craft techniques!

I can suggest any kind of tours or help you in planning your personal itineraries, no matter whether you are a first time or repeat visitor, I will try my best to make your visit interesting, unforgettable unique experience, a precious memory that will last a lifetime!

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